How to Get Over a Bad Betting Streak

If you’ve been betting for a while you know that it’s not always sunshine and rainbows; you inevitably come to lose. No matter how well you’ve been observing the game beforehand, how logically your predictions sound, or how many strategies you’ve learned to use and incorporated to your game, you are not immune to a lost bet or two.

However, sometimes it goes further than that. The few games and bucks you lose multiply and you come to the horrifying conclusion that you’re on a losing streak. Don’t worry, though – it happens to everyone – luck comes and goes, no doubt about that. What you should do is learn how to get off the ground and move on, so that you can get back to winning, rather than keep losing.

The first thing you must do when you realise that you’re losing repeatedly is stay calm. Simple enough – keep your peace of mind and spirits high. Don’t let the negative emotions get to you – this is the only way you can get over this quickly.

Many try to modify their strategy and bets in such occasions, but that’s actually not too clever. After all you’ve spent time developing your course of action and the fact that it’s not successful might be actually more due to bad luck than insufficient planning on your side.

What you should do instead is lower your stakes. Wait for the coin to flip, so to say, and in the meantime minimize the losses. You can also choose to take a day off from betting – relax, clear your head, and come back refreshed and ready to conquer.

If you follow our few simple pieces of advice, you can see whether it’s your game that needs improvement, or just a force outside of your control that’s messing up your bets.

How to Bet on Hockey – Part Two

Welcome back to our guide to successful hockey bets. Today we’ll continue explaining the different types of wagers out there. Let’s begin!

Totals (Over/ Under)

Totals are a very popular means of betting and can be found as an option when betting on pretty much any sport. The whole idea here is to correctly guess the number of goals that will be scored in a game. Bookmakers determine a total number of goals – usually somewhere between 5 and 6.5 – and bettors bet on whether the actual results at the end of the game will be of higher (over) or lower number (under) than that.

For instance, if for a matchup between Philadelphia Flyers and Chicago Blackhawks, the bookie sets a total of 5.5, you decide to bet 400$ on under. You’d be successful if the two teams don’t manage to score more than 5 goals, otherwise you can kiss your money goodbye. Odds makers often apply the same rules to totals, that they do to money line wagers, meaning that for example the over bet is the favourite, and the under is the underdog, so you’ll have to stake a bigger amount on over in order to win 100 bucks or risk and bet 100$ trying to earn more.

Puck Line

It can be summarized as a mix between the all too well known money line bets and point spreads. When wagering on the puck line gamblers choose between taking –1.5 points with the underdog, or +1.5 with the favourite. The odds of the game mentioned above may look like this:

Philadelphia Flyers -1.5 (+220)
Chicago Blackhawks +1.5 (-220)

Chicago fans will win their bets only if the Blackhawks win by 2 or more goals (they can watch the match live on, while those who bet on the Flyers will profit if the Philadelphian team wins the match or loses by no more than one goal.

We hope you found this information useful!

How to Bet on Hockey – Part One

Hockey is a great sport, but for some reason it is pushed to the wall by most bookmakers. They spend a lot less time determining odds for hockey, than they do for basketball or football, and also the maximum amount of money you can stake is a lot lower. The general public doesn’t show too much interest in betting on hockey. We are not sure if it’s because it’s perceived as more difficult, or due to the sportsbooks’ disinterest in promoting it; either way it’s a paradox.

However, if you’re set on gambling on hockey, we’ll be happy to help. Today we’ll look into different types of bets you can place on hockey games –

Money Line Bets
With money line wagers you bet on the winner of the game. These are the most commonly used types of bets – not only when it comes to hockey, but overall. In every game there is a favourite and an underdog. Your winnings of course depend on the odds set by the bookies. Here’s an example:

Vancouver Canucks -130
Pittsburgh Penguins +120

Obviously, the Canucks are the favourite, which in this case means that you’ll need to bet 130$ to have a chance at winning 100$. In contrast the Penguins are the underdog, and bettors will have to risk 100$ to try to win 120$.

The Grand Salami

This one is exclusive to hockey betting. It’s an accumulator wager of multiple games being played in the span of a day. The bookmakers determine a total number of goals scored in each game, and gamblers decide if the actual results will be over or under that. Roughly, if 10 games were being played in a day, then the total would probably range between 55 and 60. The Grand Salami does not take into account if the game is cancelled or suspended.